Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Naked Trees...

Winter is my least favorite season.
Everything is brown.  The trees are bare.
The wind feels as though it is ripping through my skin with knives.
And of course - it's cold.
I, for one, do not like being cold.  I don't know many people who actually do.
It can suck the life right out of you with its arctic blasts and bone-chilling temperatures.
(Not to mention:  dry, cracked hands and static electricity.)

The weather has been extra gloomy the past few days.
And it's a fact that my soul greatly depends on sunshine.
Old Man Winter was just about to get the best of me when I had a small revelation.
It was like a stirring deep down, forcing me to look beyond what I physically see and feel.
A stirring to find the beauty, to find the silver lining...

And then it hit me.

Bare trees - their branches are stripped of their leaves.
They stand through the bitter winds and snowfalls, never forcing their blooms to open.
They wait, patiently, for the cold of winter to gradually fade away.
When the dawn of Spring emerges, it is then that they begin to soak in the sunlight.
And beautiful blooms begin to appear from their once bare branches.

Winter (and naked trees) are like the hard times in life. 
It's hard to see beyond right now, but God is there in the midst of the constant, bitter cold and dark skies.  And before long, the sights and sounds and feelings Winter brings will fade away into Spring blooms and warm breezes and gorgeous colors!
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