Friday, October 30, 2015

Dear Baby...

October 3rd will go down in history as one of the sweetest and happiest days of my life!
It was the day before you turned 15 weeks old.
It was the day we'd learn if God had given us a little boy or a little girl. 
We piled into the car with my momma and daddy, who you'll know as Mama Bird and Poppy, and your daddy's parents, your Mee Mee and Grand Dilly! 
Hurricane Joaquin was still spitting down rain, but off to Greensboro we went!
I can only compare my excitement that day to a child on Christmas morning! 
We weren't a minute into the ultrasound before we heard the words, "It's a boy!"
I cried!  Happy tears, of course! 
Your Mama Bird cried too! 
And, your daddy...I looked over at him and his eyes were glistening with joy! 
He later admitted that he had to fight the tears back hard! 
Sharing that experience with your grandparents is a memory we'll always cherish! 
On the way home from our celebratory dinner, your Poppy told me that seeing you had been amazing. 
I grabbed my tummy, leaned over and put my head on his shoulder, and said, "I know!" 
And then I said, "Daddy, guess what?!"
We both looked at each other and I said, "I'm having a little BOY!"
He chuckled and smiled and then said, "I know!"
This past Sunday you turned 18 weeks old! 
You are the size of a sweet potato, about five inches long.
We were sitting in church, the sermon had just begun, and little did I know that we were about to mark another milestone off of the list! 
It felt like a faint flutter or almost like a piece of popcorn had popped inside my tummy!
I sat there for a few minutes wondering and waiting...
And then, it happened again!
I had to swallow my squeals!
I nudged your daddy and whispered, "I think he is moving!"
He whispered back, "Who?" 
After I shot him a sideways glance his eyes got really wide and he smiled big! 
From that point forward I didn't hear a word the preacher said. 
I walked out of church beaming ear to ear!
I have felt you pop around every day since then too! 
It is the most amazing feeling in the world!  I smile every single time!
Every flutter reminds me that this is really happening!
That you really do exist.
That my dreams have come true.
And now I have tears in my eyes...
We learned that your ears are fully developed this week as well!
I wonder if you hear me.
Do you recognize my voice yet?
Can you hear me typing on the computer keys?
Can you hear all the conversations me and your daddy have about you?
We are having a hard time deciding on your name, so if you hear one that you really like...nudge me, okay?! 
Can you hear your big brother barking when he wants a snack?
How about the Christmas music I listen to everyday while I'm at work?
Did you hear me crying when I was sad about my grandma?
Could you feel me dancing around and acting silly the other day?
Can you taste the cheese and crackers I eat almost every morning?
What is it like in there? 
Are you going to someday say, "Mom.  These letters are weird."?
All I can tell you now is how we are spending our time while we are waiting for you.
And later, when you're a little older, you can tell us what life is like from your perspective.
I can't wait!
All my love,
Your Momma
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