Monday, April 28, 2014


This face…simply melts me!
December 12th I logged onto Facebook and saw a photo of the cutest little hamster-looking face.  My heart immediately began to race.  This baby needed a home...and I instantly knew that I wanted to be his momma.  Still to this day, I don't really know how to describe it.  His face - it just spoke to me!  Long story short, Girard was on board and fate was on our side!      
He was a precious tiny 3 pound clumsy ball of fluff fur and had puppy breath!
I was hooked the second I buried my face in his silky-soft puppy fuzz.
We named him Teddy; because, well, he looked like a teddy bear when he was itty bitty!
He was the best early Christmas present from God that I ever could have asked for!
He's Also Known As:  Teddy Bear, Baby Boy, and Buddy …then there’s:  Teddy Monster, Teddy the Terror, and Dennis (as in Dennis the Menace!)

Things That Are Tail-Wagging Good:  ice cubes, tennis balls, belly rubs, cheese, getting to go (on car rides), more cheese, fetching sticks, going on walks, playing keep away from mom and dad, and most recently, playing hide and seek - mom/dad hides, Teddy seeks!
Not A Fan Of:  school buses, the vacuum cleaner, blender, hair dryer, or bath time!

Guilty Pleasures:  licking the bottom of momma's yogurt cup, enjoying a spoonful of peanut butter, and sleeping in the bed with mom and dad!

Biggest Uh-oh's:  pottying in the floor, chewing on momma's high heel shoes, chewing a hole in mom and dad's new sheets, and chasing a squirrel into the road.
Four and a half months ago this sweet and handsome puppy we have roaming around our house and rummaging through our laundry hamper, trashcans, and whatever else he can get his nose into came to live with us and I honestly can't imagine our lives without him!  He may be a Curious George, a sock thief, paper shredder, bird chaser, and slipper stealer... but, he's also the best early morning cuddlier, sad heart healer, and the reason I smile everyday!  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined loving him as much as I do.  It's certainly safe to say that he has me wrapped around his little puppy paw!  

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