Friday, August 21, 2015

Dear Baby...

This week you are the size of a raspberry.  Last week, a blueberry.
I'm amazed at how quickly you are growing and changing daily.
I'm afraid I may blink...and tomorrow I will be sending you off to college. 
But, for are tucked safely in my tummy; small and completely unaware of all that's waiting for you on the outside.  At some point we were all in your position. 
Maybe in some ways we still are...completely in the dark about what is to come. 
How intimidating.  How thrilling!
Your daddy and I, along with many others...have been praying for you for a very long time.
From the moment I saw those two little pink lines staring back at me, I have loved you.
I daydream about who you will be.  
I wonder about what you will look like. 
Will you have green eyes like me and your daddy?
I hope you inherit your daddy's skin!  I've always been so jealous of how easily he tans.
Hopefully you don't inherit my bad temper or your dad's bad spelling.
I think about names and what we will call you.
I pray that you have a tender heart and an open mind.
I pray that you'll love Jesus and always be kind to others.
I just pray for you to be happy and healthy.
You just have no idea how much I already love you.
Oh, and your big brother...he is something else.
Do you know that he knew about you before we did?
He hadn't been acting himself and had been super protective and extra clingy.
He sure did have us worried.
After we found out about all made sense.
I keep telling him that everything is alright.
But, I think he is still a little confused.
I know though, without a doubt, that once he meets you...he will love you just as much as I do!
All my love,
Your Momma
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