Friday, February 22, 2013

For Better Or For Worse...

My last attempt at blogging (about wedding plans and preparation) failed miserably after only three posts!  Since then…I have in fact gotten married – to my best friend!  December 3, 2011 was the big day and it was pretty much everything I dreamed it would be!  I’d confidently say that Girard and I are crazy in love – most of the time!  Marriage has been a trial-and-error-learning experience, and just like any other married couple, we’ve had some ups and downs.  It’s all about what you make it, though! 

I think that when you’re planning your wedding and you think of the words, “for better or for worse,” it’s easy to only think about the “for better” part.  You are on cloud nine, in love, and life will be even happier once you’re married, right?!  …And of course that is true – in most cases!  However, for me, it was important that Girard and I were on the same page when it came down to dealing with the “for worse” part.  Why?  Because, if there is one thing I can guarantee to anyone – it’s that life will surely, at some point, throw the “for worse” part at you…it’s just a matter of when and how hard. 

Girard loves me – this I am sure.  He has proven it multiple times and ways.  Of course, it’s easier to love someone when they’re strong, fun, upbeat, positive, happy-go-lucky and generally a nice person.  I like to think that’s me most of the time – nowadays!  You see, when I look back at my life, I see it in two parts – before 2009 and starting again in 2011.  Girard knows my story, cover to cover…he knew it before he ever put a ring on my finger…and that speaks volumes to me.  He has been my back bone uncountable times…  He gives me emotional support when I need it, has helped me find logic in places I didn’t think it existed, and just generally keeps me grounded when my feelings threaten to drag me down into despair.  I’ve said since day one that he “gets” me…  That simple fact, combined with his unconditional love, respect, and understanding has been healing for me, it a lot of ways. 

“For worses” can and will definitely put a huge strain on a marriage, if allowed.  Maybe the “for worse” is something one partner brings into the marriage, something they’re dealing with from the past.  Maybe it’s unexpected financial changes, one partner suffering a medical crisis or illness, issues with relatives, etc.  The list could go on and on…and even though every one of them can threaten to pull a marriage and couple apart – it doesn’t have to.  I think having a positive support system is the key.  When I start to “fall” over, he stands strong…and vice versa.  If we both start to topple, we need to lean on each other – which ultimately prevents us from crumbling to the floor into a big mess…  …And that’s what I think can turn a “for worse” into a “for better”!    

I am so thankful, and grateful beyond words, that I have Girard in my life, and that he can be strong when I am weak.  <3

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