Wednesday, April 3, 2013

God Understands...

The big white puffy cotton ball looking clouds are my favorite!
The sky was full of them a few days ago.
The sun was shining bright and "Jesus Rays" were peeking through.
It was a gorgeous site, for sure! 
So gorgeous that I had to pull over on the side of the road to take a picture!
The sky was so blue - like, Caribbean water blue - and as I sat for a minute admiring the beauty above, I couldn't help but to think that the rays of light shining down to Earth so perfectly through the clouds looked as though they were coming straight from Heaven.

I think about Heaven a lot.  I think about the people I love and miss...who have already graced the pearly gates.  I try to imagine the streets of gold...and I wonder if all the angels have wings.
I think about God...and wonder what He looks like...what color His hair is.
. . . . .

So, needless to say, when I got home...thoughts of Heaven and God were fresh on my mind.
My sweet husband greeted me at the door, I kicked off my shoes, and we sat down and talked about our day for a few minutes.  That's pretty much our daily-after-work routine...and I love it!

After we finished up the summaries of what we each had done since last seeing each other,
Girard pulled out his phone and said, "You have to watch this."
It was a video he had discovered thanks to one of his Facebook buddies who posted the link.

Logan is an amazing young boy and his words are some that
each and every person can benefit from listening to...
The video is a tear jerker - so grab a Kleenex!

'Logan - the Sky Angel Cowboy'

God understands pain.
God understands sadness.
God understands grief.
God understands anger.
God understands confusion.
God understands fear.
God understands me. 

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