Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Signs You Are A Puppy Parent...

Every room in your home is scattered with “babies” (stuffed animals), squeaky toys, and tennis balls.

Without writing it on the calendar, you know that the 11th of every month is always the day you pull every trick of the trade to get your 4-legged friend to eat their heart worm pill.

You now vacuum the floor 4-5 times a week instead of 4-5 times a month.
(Puppy paws are magnets for everything they touch!)

You empty the bathroom trashcans daily.
(If not, tissues will be shredded all over the floor like confetti!)
((Note:  See comment about vacuuming the floor!))

You constantly check, double check, and triple check to make sure all closet doors are shut.
(If not, one of your high heels may unfortunately turn into a flat!)

The number one item on your grocery list is dog food.
Every trip to Wal-Mart, Target, and Marshall’s includes a trip to the “doggy aisle.”

Dog hair is your newest accessory – and you don’t care.

Every time you get your camera out to take a picture you end up have a doggy photo shoot!

Nose art can and will always be found on your car windows and every glass door in your home.

You will discover that ice cubes and blowing bubbles are the cheapest form of puppy entertainment.

Your husband’s “no dogs on the bed or couch” rule went out the door about three months ago! 
There is no such thing as sleeping in – ever!

Date nights are cut short thanks to the guilt that comes with leaving your fur child in their crate.

Conversations with your best friend go from,
“You won’t believe the shoes I just bought!” to, “You won’t believe what my dog just did!”

Morning routines now include belly rubs, a million kisses on your fur babies head, and playing a few games of tug of war before going to work.

Evening routines now involve encouraging your puppy to “go potty” before you can go to bed.

You will smile and laugh more than you ever thought you could!
It’s amazing how these little rascals change our lives – so quickly…but all for the better, of course!

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